A gifted public speaker, Ron speaks regularly to veterans’ organizations, civic groups, public libraries, faith communities and other gatherings on a variety of topics. 

Ernie Pyle Drama

Ron performs a first-person dramatization on the life and work on World War II correspondent, Ernie Pyle. Dressed in a World War II-era uniform and using projected images from Ernie Pyle’s life, Ron brings to life the person and critical work of Ernie Pyle, America’s most popular and beloved correspondent during World War II.

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Ernie Pyle Drama (Stories from the War Front Overview)

Ernie Pyle Drama (Becoming a War Correspondent)

Ernie Pyle Drama (Meeting up with the Army)

Ernie Pyle Drama (Article on the Army in Tunisia)

Ernie Pyle Drama (Article on Capt. Waskow)

Ernie Pyle Drama (Article on Omaha Beach)

World War II

Ron offers presentations on a variety of topics related to World War II including, Veteran Stories from his books, Contributions of Women in the War, Battle Grounds & Geography of World War II, and Places to Remember Those Who Served (Indiana Memorials/Museums & National Memorials/Museums).

Indiana History

A student of national and state history, Ron enjoys sharing with audiences the fascinating story of Indiana from its humble wilderness beginning to becoming the 19th state of the union.

Religious / Inspirational 

Having served as a pastor for 25 years, Ron is a gifted and dynamic preacher and teacher. He especially enjoys portraying Biblical characters by preaching first-person dramatic monologues. Over the years he has portrayed 30 different characters from both the Old and New Testaments. Seminars – Ron also teaches Extended Seminars on Christianity as well as introductions to other major religions. His seminars include…

  • History of the Christian Church
    • The First 1,000 Years (Church in Acts to Great Schism)
    • From Schism to Reformation (1000 – 1600 A.D.)
    • Birth of Protestant Denominations (1600 A.D – Present)
  • How the Bible Came to Be (History of the Bible)
  • The Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ
  • The Gospel to the World (Book of Acts)
  • Literary Forms in Scripture (Understanding the Different Genres of Literature in the Bible)
  • Introductions to Faith
    • Christianity
    • Judaism
    • Islam
    • The Mormon Church

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Our Service, Our Stories: Volume 1

Ronald P. May captures the service stories of 36 World War II veterans with Central Indiana connections.
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Our Service, Our Stories: Volume 2

Volume 2 captures 26 World War II service stories of veterans as well as women serving in auxiliary forces and more.
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Our Service, Our Stories: Volume 3

Volume 3 captures the stories of 25 people (17 veterans and 8 civilians) as they reflect on their World War II experiences.
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