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Life is a legacy meant to be both celebrated and passed on. Have you preserved the legacy of your life? Since 2012, Ron has been assisting people with preserving their life stories in print, audio or video formats. While specializing in capturing veteran service stories, he also has helped older adults look back on and summarize their life stories.

Celebrate Your Life! Preserve It! and Pass It On!

Don’t let the legacy of your human experience pass away when you do. Your story will bless and inspire future generations with the legacy of your life.

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The legacy of your personal life story can be preserved in different formats…

  • Printed Story in a Book Format
  • Audio Story in a CD Format
  • Visual Story in a Photo Show Format
  • Audio/Visual Story in Video Format

Preserving Life Stories Seminar

Ron also offers seminars on teaching people how to preserve their life stories.

Contact Ron (317-435-7636) for More Information

Our Service, Our Stories: Volume 1

Ronald P. May captures the service stories of 36 World War II veterans with Central Indiana connections.
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Our Service, Our Stories: Volume 2

Volume 2 captures 26 World War II service stories of veterans as well as women serving in auxiliary forces and more.
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Our Service, Our Stories: Volume 3

Volume 3 captures the stories of 25 people (17 veterans and 8 civilians) as they reflect on their World War II experiences.
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World War II Indiana Landmarks

Exploring Indiana’s World War II legacy by highlighting the former bases and current memorials, monuments, and museums.
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Ron is always working on collecting and writing more stories..

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